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Effective Outlining Strategies for Research Papers

When you carry out an outline of each of the paragraphs that forms the basis of your paper; it is an effective way to ensure that serves a specific purpose in your paper. Your first draft will normally contain competitive ideas and you are to ensure that such is collapsed in other to bring value out of each paragraph that will be distinct from each other. It will be easy to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each paragraph.


This is the foundational step that is required to set out in the right direction. This is where you are expected to create a strong impression on the direction of your paper. You have to make the desired impression on the readers at this point. Discussion of the specific targets should come up here. This will wet the grounds for the next line of action.


This is expected to come immediately after the introduction and must be a statement of the central purpose of your paper is all about. It should be stated in clear terms that the readers can easily understand.


The background to the study will naturally follow. This will include details of existing literature that is on the subject. It is expected of you to point out weaknesses in the existing work which you are out to correct. This is one of the major purposes of your paper and if you can come out strong here; it will create the desired interest in your work.

Major and minor points

You are now expected to deal with the major and minor points of your paper. The building blocks of your paper are the major points. The major points should be structured in a way that will move the paper to its logical conclusion. Each of the major points should relate to the central theme in your paper. 

The major points should be different from each other. Each of the building blocks is expected to add value to your argument and they must be structured in such a way as to lead gradually to the conclusion of your paper.

The minor points are the subtopics that are included within the major points. They are used to straighten out the nuisances that are involved in the major points. They come in the form of statistics; supporting ideas or examples from sources. They are not significant enough to warrant the attention of their own. They remain supportive statements to your major points. 


After you have done the major work in the body of your paper; the conclusion will come up as a recap of what you have written above. It should represent a concise summary of the ideas that have been able to put forward through your research efforts so far.

You are not expected to go out of the existing protocol of the research that you have stated in the body of your work. The importance of your work must be highlighted in the closing section of your paper.

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