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Research Topics to Select From

If you have been assigned a research paper for your class, the very first step is to select a topic. While it might sound easy enough at the start, many students quickly realize that it is easier said than done.

Choosing what interests you

If your teacher allows you to pick your topic, you will be wise to select something of interest to you. Research papers require hours of reading and rereading as you try to master the different sides of the argument. If you do not enjoy what you are investigating, it will be a long project indeed.

Ensure there are enough resources

Although you may like your initial selection, one more thing to consider is if there are enough resources for your topic. So start checking online and visit your school library to verify if you can study all the angles. Many teachers require you to have around 4 or more resources per argument.

If you realize, however, that not enough studies have been done, you will need to take a look at your plan B.

Some choices to help you

In case you have given your topic enough thought but you are still struggling to find one, consider some of these choices.


  1. Do graduates of face-to-face courses have an edge over graduates with online degrees?
  2. What can the government do to make tertiary education more affordable?
  3. How different are degree courses in universities in the East and West?
  4. Are stricter teachers better for high school students than lenient ones?
  5. Do school uniforms restrict learning somehow?


  1. How different are celebrities now compared to twenty years ago?
  2. How is it that some celebrities can maintain their popularity over time?
  3. Is social media unfairly giving certain celebrities an advantage over others?
  4. Do teens today idolize athletes more than movie stars?
  5. Is it more lucrative to be a TV star than a movie star?


  1. Are athletes being paid too much?
  2. Are top athletes the best because of genes or training?
  3. What are the best techniques to maintain an athlete’s performance once they hit 30?
  4. How do big events like the World Cup draw people together?
  5. Are the benefits of hosting a huge international sporting event really worth it?


  1. How else can the government earn without raising taxes?
  2. What else can government do to help the homeless?
  3. How can the prison system be made more humane?
  4. Are the salaries of police personnel commensurate to their service to the people?
  5. What are the top advantages of the parliamentary form of government?


  1. Is it better to trade stocks on your own online?
  2. How financially literate are most teenagers today?
  3. Do young people still believe in saving money in the bank?
  4. Is foreign exchange trading hurting businesses?
  5. Should bank secrecy laws be lifted to prevent government corruption?


A good research project begins by first selecting the right topic. If you have not thought of something good on your own, remember you can try the selections above or tweak them to what you need. Good luck!

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