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Top Research Paper Topics

Many college students say the hard part of writing is the beginning. The process of selecting a suitable topic for your paper or research may sometimes be challenging. For this matter, a list of strategic and appropriate issues lists may be of help. The collection of powerful ideas and original content may convert any average writing to a concrete research paper. Coming up with a view of your own may take a while and consume much of your brain’s processing power to come up with something you can search for on the internet.

Begin by realizing your interests

When you have a varying range of interesting topics for an essay, it might be confusing and challenging to choose one to write on. When you have a chance of writing anything you want, create something extraordinary and unique. Having a list will help you choose appropriately on what you wish to write about.

Check the information

One crucial factor to consider is you should have enough content to write about a topic before immediately embarking on writing a paper. You can refer to your school material or online content for information about a topic of your choice. Ensure you gather accurate and most recent information, especially when handling controversial topics. Prepare in advance by gathering arguments in support of your thesis.

Make sure your research question answers these three questions before you start working on it:

Descriptive– ensure you write a clear and in detail about a topic of your choice to reveal the essential aspects and openly discuss them.

Causal– investigate whether changing some variables can affect other variables and whether it suggests any causal relationship.

Comparative– compare the differences and similarities and differences between 2 or more independent entities.

Medicine research paper topics

  1. Is there a need for life-sustaining therapy when it is futile?
  2. What’s the role of treatment?
  3. Can we avoid testing animals? How?
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of marijuana
  5. How healthy is a cow’s milk?
  6. The usefulness of a vegetarian diet to a child’s health
  7. Obesity and its effects on our health
  8. Damages and value of vaccinating kids
  9. Prescription drugs: directly advertising to consumers?
  10. How doctors convert patients to drug addicts

Education research paper topics

  1. How standardization of tests improves education?
  2. College graduates: how much do they make?
  3. How and why can we make education cheap?
  4. What influence will technology have in future teaching methods?
  5. Creating particular learning programs for blind kids
  6. Social media and school.
  7. Metal detectors in schools.
  8. Effects of contemporary teaching techniques.
  9. The role technology plays in creating lesson plans.
  10. Eradicating bullying and counter-active measure against it in schools.

Environment research paper topics

  1. How can we reduce global warming?
  2. How to prevent paper wasting and saving trees?
  3. How to manage overpopulation
  4. What is the effect of deforestation?
  5. What impacts do human beings have on the environment?
  6. How many types of trees are there in the world?
  7. What are the implications of earth tremors?
  8. Can we predict hurricane impacts?
  9. How does nuclear power affect living organisms?
  10. Environmental conservation and degradation.

Sports and Entertainment research paper topics

  1. How social networks affect our society.
  2. What impacts do violent video games have on kids?
  3. How and why we must forbid animals in the entertainment sector.
  4. What is the history of American football?
  5. How music concerts contribute to a country’s revenue
  6. Banning of explicit content on local television
  7. The history of the Olympics.
  8. Do gaming consoles affect the young generation?
  9. How immorality spreads through television


If you experience any challenges picking an appropriate topic title, you can seek online help for relevant content and material.